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Dad-Daughter Prank War Story Ended with a Victory for This Woman's Old Man


A 15-year-long prank war between a father and daughter hit its zenith when pops decided to go above and beyond to pull a seriously incredible gag on his little girl.

One of the main reasons I never wanted to be a parent was because I thought it automatically made me a lame-o. None of my favorite people or characters had children, like Batman. He's got no kids. Neither did Benicio Del Toro's character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — no one would entrust that man with raising a child but that didn't mean he wasn't the kind of hot mess I wanted to end up like.

But it wasn't until I got older and presumably lamer that I saw dads could actually be kind of cool and fun. We didn't need to be the stern authoritarian figures that are the out-of-touch, roast-worthy losers in '80s movies and '90s sitcoms. I could eventually come around and be a pops like Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down. And that's pretty cool.

So I naturally love the relationship that Bridie Connell and her dad has.

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The actress and writer shared that her and her father have shared quite a few laughs' at one another's expense over the past 15 years in the form of a glorious prank war.