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Source: meme center

These Earth Day Memes Will Remind You That Every Day Should Be Earth Day


Happy Earth Day! Each year on April 22, we celebrate our OG home, planet Earth, and try to give back to Mother Nature in actionable ways that preserve the environment. 

And whether you're choosing to celebrate like Jason Momoa, who shaved his beard to raise awareness for the detriments of single-use plastic or just by being a little bit more mindful about the waste you're generating today, remember we only have one planet and we ought to do our best to take care of it and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

But community service aside, it's also fun to look through funny memes that will make taking care of our planet a little more delightful. And next time you see your coworker throwing his plastic in the trash rather than in the recycling bin, you'll have a bevy of memes to call him out with.

Keep scrolling for 14 Earth Day memes that'll put a smile on your face.

1. Can we talk about how we somehow care more about our phones than the trees that keep us alive?

Source: Instagram

Earth Day Challenge: How long would you last without your phone or TV on this Monday, if you had to try? Sure, Apple has tried its hand at becoming more sustainable lately, but the best way to decrease your carbon footprint is to be more mindful of how and when you use your tech.