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These Memes Will Remind You That Every Day Should Be Earth Day



Happy Earth Day! Each year on April 22, we celebrate Planet Earth and try to give back to Mother Nature in actionable ways that preserve the environment. 

And whether you're choosing to celebrate like Jason Momoa, who shaved his beard to raise awareness for the detriments of single-use plastic or just by being a little bit more mindful about the waste you're generating, remember we only have one planet and we ought to do our best to take care of it and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

But community service aside, it's also fun to look through funny memes that will make taking care of our planet a little more delightful. And next time you see your co-worker throwing his plastic in the trash rather than in the recycling bin, you'll have a bevy of memes to call him out with.

Keep scrolling for 17 Earth Day memes that'll put a smile on your face.

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1. Can we talk about how we somehow care more about our phones than the trees that keep us alive?

Source: Instagram

Earth Day Challenge: How long would you last without your phone or TV if you had to try? Sure, Apple has tried its hand at becoming more sustainable lately, but the best way to decrease your carbon footprint is to be more mindful of how and when you use your tech. 

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2. Let's celebrate Earth Day the right way.

Source: Instagram

Although yoga classes won't be an option on Earth Day, doing some sun salutations on your roof or in your backyard should give you the ultimate Earth Day high.

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3. Trees will always have the last laugh.

Source: imgur

They always have and always will punish you when you're being mean. No better way to make sure you're aware of your paper usage than by giving you the occasional paper cut while you're oh-so-patiently waiting for your 80-page deck to finish printing.

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4. Give a round of applause to science.

Sometimes ya just gotta take a moment and honor the beautiful thing that is science.

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5. Why are we like this?

Source: Instagram

We all know that person who goes to the beach and treats the ocean like their own personal garbage bin. Don't be that person! And send this to that friend of yours who is.

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6. You'd think...

Source: Instagram

This one goes hand in hand with the above. Why do we treat the little ocean creatures so poorly, and then act alarmed when we hear that our favorite fishes are contaminated by pollution?

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7. How's this for a sext?

Source: Instagram

Next time someone tries to slide into the DMs for dirty talk, hit them with something like this. "The ocean is filled with plastic and sewage and the coral reef will be dead in seven years because of the filth" — it's sure to spark the mood.

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8. Sometimes you'll encounter a sustainable mishap...

Remember: sustainable fashion is VITAL.

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9. Just imagine, your life could be so beautiful.

Source: Instagram

But let's be real, 70 percent of your friends don't even know how to recycle properly.

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10. How will you celebrate today?

Source: Imgur

Recycling and reusing are two stellar ways to become more aware of the earth and its valuable resources! I'm no expert, but I'm sure that if we all recycled a couple of things today, the earth would be a better place.

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11. Paris Hilton said it first.

Source: Reddit

That is hot! Mainly because of global warming. But let's make sure we try and keep it as chill as possible by not polluting and respecting our surroundings!

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12. Awkwardddddd...

Source: Twitter

Poor Earth, feeling like it's the only day in the entire year we pay it its dues. Make Earth Day every day! If you agree, make sure to follow Green Matters, for whom every day effectively is Earth Day.

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13. Take care of your homes for life.

Source: Instagram

It's not just that we literally can't afford buying homes anymore, though that definitely plays a part. It's more that instead of obsessing over property and mortgages, we'd do better to just care a little more about the homes we're literally stuck with for the rest of our lives: our one body and our one planet Earth.

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14. If you were wondering how trees are celebrating...

Source: Imgur

It seems like they definitely couldn't be happier.

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15. This Earth Day role model.

Source: Tumblr

For real, though. That's how much respect you'll want to be giving the earth today.

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16. Recycling AND puppers? Who said the perfect meme didn't exist?

Source: Instagram

Sure, this may just look like a cute meme (side note: how do we train our dogs to recycle in our stead?), but did you know that three dogs actually helped rebuild a Chilean forest that was devastated by fire? Don't @ me, but your cat could never.

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17. We're gonna party like it's your Earth Day!

Source: reddit

Happy Earth Day! Go hug a tree, invest in some reusable straws, and for the love of God, stop with the single-use plastic!

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