The Emotional Ending of 'WandaVision' Starts a New Chapter for Scarlet Witch


Mar. 8 2021, Updated 2:56 p.m. ET

Wanda Maximoff
Source: Disney Plus

After roughly two months as the most talked about show on television, WandaVision has come to its end. The finale debuted on Disney Plus on Friday, March 5, and the most diehard fans have already watched and absorbed what it meant about the future of the MCU. Although the finale wrapped up a lot of the show's ongoing stories, the series left some lingering questions unanswered as well. 

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The ending of 'WandaVision,' explained.

The final episode of WandaVision featured a couple of epic battles and ended with the sad but satisfying dismantling of the version of Westview that Wanda created before the show's first episode. Wanda and Agatha fought it out on the town streets, and Wanda ultimately defeated Agatha by carving runes into the Hex which prevented Agatha from casting any spells at all. 

wandavision ending explained
Source: Disney Plus
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Meanwhile, across town, Vision and White Vision had a showdown that started out with the usual fisticuffs and wound up being more of a philosophical discussion about the nature of identity. Eventually, these two versions of Vision realize that they are both Vision, and the version of Vision that was born in the Hex unlocks the memories of the real Vision, including his deaths in Infinity War

After White Vision's memory is restored, he flies off for parts unknown, and we don't see him again. After Agatha's defeat and White Vision's evasion, Wanda finally decides to end the Hex that she has created around Westview. The end of the Hex also means the end of this version of Vision, as well as Tommy and Billy. Wanda and Vision put the kids to bed, and then share a tearful farewell in which they say goodbye with the hope that they will one day be reunited. 

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Who is Ralph Bohner?

Elsewhere in the finale, we also learn the true identity of the Hex's Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters) and discover that he's not actually the version of the character from the X-Men universe. Instead, he's Ralph Bohner, a resident of Westview who Agatha refers to as her husband throughout the series. Finally, in one of the show's last scenes, we learn that Pietro was Ralph all along. 

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Are there post-credits scenes after the finale?

The final, emotional scene of WandaVision sees Wanda flying away from Westview and toward parts unknown. That's not where the show ends, though. There are two scenes after that, which are stashed in the middle of the credits. 

The first features Monica Rambeau connecting with a military officer who was a friend of her mother's. The military officer is actually a Skrull in disguise and tells Monica that she's needed in space (it is implied that Nick Fury wants to see her), setting up her appearance in Captain Marvel 2

The second scene picks up Wanda's journey in a secluded cabin. In the cabin, we see that she's studying the Darkhold, an ancient book of spells. While she's meditating, she hears the voices of Tommy and Billy calling out to her, and she seems to answer their call. 

What that means for the character's future is unclear, but we know she'll be appearing in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. We may have to wait until then to get more answers about Wanda's future. 

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