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Fashion Nova Is Getting Roasted for Holding a Stimulus Check Sale



Millions of Americans who have direct deposit information with the IRS have started to receive stimulus payments of up to $1,200 per adult and $500 per child. Individuals who earn between $75,000 and $99,000 a year will receive a reduced amount. For couples, the payments begin to taper off at earnings of $150,000 a year. 

The payments are meant to be used to help Americans who have been made unemployed pay rent and bills. But as always, businesses are attempting to get some of the $290 billion that the government is handing out to individuals.  

Fashion Nova, in particular, has found itself the target of online criticism after it sent out a marketing blast encouraging users to spend their stimulus money on a sale. Twitter users took to the platform to share the message when it started arriving on their phones.

The message encourages users to spend some of their stimulus money at Fashion Nova, promising up to 80% off sitewide with the use of their promotional code.

"Fashion Nova is so wrong for this," one user wrote, "the stimulus isn’t for shopping its for people who need it during such hard times, this is so ignorant."

This user jokingly posted the text that Fashion Nova and similar brands might send out in the event of an alien invasion. 

Yes, this Fashion Nova right now.

Other users attempted to share their disdain over the idea with Fashion Nova, only to get an automatic reply.

Another user added: "Fashion nova??? Um... we’re going through a whole ass pandemic."

"Fashion nova really said “spend the money you just got” as if people aren’t unemployed and the economy is tanking," another user noted.

"Fashion Nova will text you in the middle of a hurricane," one user joked. "'Stormy weather , well we got deals that can “weather” this storm. Whole store 30-80% off' like what."

This is probably exactly what they look like right now.

"Uhhh all we get for the foreseeable future is $1200 so go away Fashion Nova I have groceries to buy," another user concluded.

"The devil works hard, but Fashion Nova works harder," one commenter joked.

Let's just all agree not to spend out stimulus money on overpriced face masks, people.

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