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Source: Instagram

The 'GOT' Prequel Is Canceled, Which Is Somehow More Disappointing Than the Finale


There's no question about it: HBO's Game of Thrones was the most influential show of the decade, drawing in an average of 17 million viewers during its eighth and final season. When the last season was announced, fans were devastated at the prospect of the fantasy series exiting the air, with seemingly no adequate replacement in sight. But, then, a prequel series was said to be in the works, and it was clear that the showrunners had a lot to live up to. 

Now, it's rumored that the prequel series is no longer in production, and the series has been permanently shelved. Why is the Game of Thrones prequel canceled, when it already had a huge fanbase? We have the details on the reasons for the alleged cancelation, and what's been going on with D.B. Weiss and David Benioff in the months since GOT's disappointing final season