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They're another big company to do so.
Source: gofundme

They're another big company to do so.

GoFundMe's Putting a Stop to Anti-Vaxxers Spreading Misinformation on Its Site


Anti-vaxxers just lost a huge crowd-funding platform where they could potentially raise funds to push anti-vaxxing propaganda on the internet.

If you've ever looked through your Facebook feed, you've probably seen tons of articles, links, blog posts, and sensationalized stories about the "dangers" of vaccinating children. There's a problem with a lot of these articles, however: they contain mostly "bunk" science.

The primary argument is that vaccinations cause autism in children, which has been proved categorically false by scientists all over the world. Not only does the CDC say so, but there are tons of international medicine programs that send doctors all over the world to save the lives of people who reside in areas where access to vaccines is limited.

However, you'll still see misinformation spread all over social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook with people going on long diatribes about the "evils" of vaccines. What's even more baffling is how many people echo and believe these claims that aren't grounded in any evidence or scientific proof.

The problem, usually, is that this misinformation is being put out on the internet in the first place, and people are convinced these claims hold equal weight to the the mountains of evidence that vaccines are overwhelmingly beneficial for keeping human beings alive and healthy.