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Source: Universal Pictures

Guy Tries Winning Girl Who Dumped Him Back by Creating a "Redemption Resume"


There are fewer things worse than being dumped. It's not just the fact that someone rejected you, which is tough enough to handle, but it's a problem even greater than that. Suddenly, we feel like the possibility of love is suddenly out of our grasp. You start to question everything you ever did with this person you wanted to try and create a life with, and would do anything to get them back.

Maybe even create a dating resume, like this guy. No?

It's hard to let go of that one person you really, really felt something special for, so your mind starts to race as to why you weren't good enough for them. Sometimes, two people just don't vibe past a certain point, or you've both just got two different futures in mind. But that's a tough pill to swallow for many of us (I know it was for me when I was dumped) so you go and try to make yourself a "catch".