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Pregnant Woman Pissed off at Guy With Diarrhea for Not Letting Her Cut in Front of Him in Men's Room



Life etiquette pretty much dictates that no matter what situation you're in, you give a pregnant woman first rights. Sitting down on a bus or a train while a pregnant woman stands? Get up and let her take a load off. In line to get some food at a party? Let her go in front of you. Waiting to use the bathroom? You best get out of the way when someone who's developing a human inside their body needs to go.

Or maybe that's not always the case?

Redditor hdudbb related a fairly harrowing tale of gastrointestinal distress at work that required him to prevent a pregnant coworker from using the men's room as he waited to use a stall.

We've all been in those situations at one point in our lives where the stress of having to go to the bathroom is so great, there's nothing else on our minds save for relieving ourselves in a suitable fashion.

It's one thing if you're at home and someone's occupying the bathroom, but for this to happen while you're at work is a nightmare scenario. The poor dude was having digestion issues since the night before and when he needed to go while on the clock, he really needed to go.

Trouble is, once he made it into the men's room, someone was occupying the only stall available. So he (presumably) bit down on his knuckles and prayed his sphincter was up to the task.

Right as the stall opened up however and sweet release was within OP's grasp, a pregnant coworker of his stormed into the restroom and tried to jump in front of him so she could use the stall, which OP took offense to. So he tells her that he was next in line for the stall and proceeds to walk in and do his business.

Now I don't know how you guys feel about talking to people while you poo or pee, but it's seriously disconcerting for me. While he's on the can, he manages to hold a brief conversation with his pregnant coworker, who kept trying to hurry him up by saying she really needed to go. He finished his poo in about "5-7 minutes" which is a pretty good time, and told her while he was sitting on the porcelain throne that she should've used the women's room and there was "nothing he could do."

Things took a turn for the petty shortly after his little poo-experience, however. The coworker he didn't let cut in front of him began telling others in the office that he was being "rude" to her, to which he responded that he was having digestive issues and wasn't sure he could hold it in. He concedes that he may have been able to ward off the watery brown demon for a while longer, but didn't want to take that chance.

So he asked Reddit's AITA sub whether or not he was in the wrong for refusing to make a mud-butt gamble, and the general consensus was "when you gotta go, you gotta go."

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Several people assured OP that he wasn't in the wrong at all for his actions, including pregnant women themselves who don't think restroom imperialism is a right bestowed magically on those who are with child.

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Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

So what do you think? Was OP justified in not trying to hold it in any longer so a pregnant woman who probably had a baby playing paddycake with her bladder could use the toilet first? Or was that woman using the "pregnancy card" to cut the toilet line?

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