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Source: Getty Images

25 Legendary Historical Heroes Who Did Unspeakable Things


So many famous figures throughout history who are lauded as geniuses, pillars of morality, even saints, are actually just as terrible as the rest of us (some, even worse!). These are people known for being wonderful. They're still today held up as exemplary members of society above reproach. Yet, when you dig even a little bit below the surface of their persona, you discover they were ridiculously flawed human beings who did some terrible, terrible things. Without further ado, these are the historical figures we should stop admiring with such rose-colored glasses.

Mother Teresa

Source: Getty Images

Mother Teresa is the person you reference when you're comparing someone to a living saint. In fact, she literally became a saint in 2016. But her selfless image was just that... an image. Mother Teresa believed poor people should suffer, basically, so most of her missions didn't provide adequate medical care to most who arrived there. She cavorted with dictators while purportedly misuging the charitable funding meant to help those less fortunate than her.