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Source: iStock

YouTube Applause Is a New Way to Directly Support Your Favorite Creators


Avid YouTube fans know that the platform's full-time creators struggle to keep a consistent income. With fluctuating monetization rules and creators suddenly being purged, the fate of a full-time YouTuber is an uncertain one.

While many creators find solace in other sites, like Patreon, to keep a consistent monthly income, YouTube has recently rolled out the applause feature in an effort to provide more opportunities for creators to earn a direct income from the site.

How does applause work?

YouTube's applause feature is similar to that of SuperChat. While some creators host livestreams to directly interact with fans, those creators who have thousands of followers tune in and comment on their livestreams find it hard to keep up with the comments.

To highlight specific comments, fans can now pay to have their comments highlighted at the top of the chat, increasing the likelihood that their favorite creators will view and respond to them.