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Source: iStock Photo

This Woman's In-Laws Were So Crazy About Christmas, They Judged Her Wrapping Skills


You know that adage about how, when you get married, you're really marrying your partner's whole family? That's something to remember and take into consideration when you're getting deep into a relationship. But everyone has in-laws they might not get along with. What really matters is the way your partner reacts and how they treat you in front of their family. You've got to be on the same team, always.

The holidays can be an especially fraught time for in-law relationships, and this story posted in Reddit's Malicious Compliance subreddit is an example of that, heightened to the nth degree. There are families who take Christmas very seriously, sure, but this is overboard. When this woman was made to feel stupid at her in-laws' Christmas celebration and her husband did nothing to defend her, she took matters into her own hands.