Is Harry Styles Bald? TikTok Thinks He Might Actually Be Wearing a Wig

After an anonymous tip about a bald male celebrity was shared by Deuxmoi, TikTok believes Harry Styles might wear a wig. Here's everything we know.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jul. 15 2022, Published 1:29 p.m. ET

Harry Styles hair
Source: Getty Images / TikTok / @natashasprivtok

Raise your hand if you've fantasized about running your fingers through Harry Styles’ voluminous and silky hair? You’re definitely not alone. Harry's luscious locks, along with his tattoo collection, eclectic fashion style, and musical talents make him a total babe. In fact, he's got four nipples and he's still one of the most charming men to step foot on this planet.

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But hypothetically, what if we subtracted his curls from the equation. What if Harry was bald? Or was going bald? Would we still love him the same?

While we know that’s an absolutely devastating thought, we must inform you that there's a possibility that it could be true. Keep scrolling to learn why folks on TikTok believe that Harry Styles actually wears a fake hairpiece.

Harry Styles
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Celebrity gossip Instagram account Deuxmoi recently shared an interesting post about a bald celebrity.

OK, first off, if you haven't heard of Deuxmoi, stop everything and go follow her. Her highly-esteemed celebrity gossip account is filled with anonymous tips from various sources about some of today's most popular stars. And while her bio reads, “this account does not claim any information published is based in fact," more often than not, the submissions Deuxmoi receives and publishes are completely accurate.

Anyway, how does this all relate to Harry Styles?

Recently, the account received an interesting submission about a male celebrity who is allegedly bald. According to The Tab, the post read: “This A list musician / occasional actor has a dirty little secret he hasn’t shared with fans. Literally! He has gone almost completely bald. His hairpiece is so lifelike that only a good eye could pick it out, and that’s on a bad day. However! He doesn’t take it off.”

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So, who could this be referring to? It's unknown, but some folks have a hunch that it could be our king, Mr. Harry Styles.

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TikTok believes Harry Styles isn't actually so hairy on the head.

A woman by the name of Abigail Henry took to TikTok to discuss the post seen on the Deuxmoi Instagram and share her thoughts on who this mystery man could be.

"I'm not saying it's Harry, but he did say that when he goes out in public and doesn't want to be spotted, it's really easy to do. And if he were bald, it would in fact be very easy to do," she said.

Furthermore, in terms of how she feels about Harry possibly being bald, she is all for it. In her caption, she wrote "Justice for Baldarry." She also ended her video by saying, "if I find out we are being robbed of bald Harry, I'm going to throw hands."

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Other creators have also contributed to the Harry Styles bald theory by sharing videos where they zoom into photos of his hairline to investigate whether or not that's real hair. In some instances, it actually looks as if Harry is lifting up his hair as if it was a separate piece.

But before we all start hitting up the group chats with these videos and going into a complete spiral over this potential news, remember that there isn't any actual evidence to prove this. Right now, it's just a theory. Although Harry, if you're reading this, just know that if you are bald, we (your fans!) would honestly love you even more.

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