Peter Doocy Might Not Have Been Seen on Fox Recently...But It’s for a Good Reason

Peter Doocy seems to be missing from Fox News. Is he still with the network? Here is everything we know about where Peter has been.

Allison Hunt - Author

Jul. 17 2023, Published 10:12 p.m. ET

Sometimes it feels like no one is more consistent in our lives than our go-to news anchors and reporters. We turn on our favorite network, at the same time every morning and evening, and these faces start to become like family. We trust them with our news and honestly, maybe our lives. So when someone is suddenly missing from the lineup, we start to worry.

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And that is how people are feeling right now about Peter Doocy. Peter is the White House correspondent for Fox News and has been noticeably missing from their programming. Where is he? Is he still with Fox News? Here's what we know.

Is Peter Doocy still with Fox News?

As mentioned, Peter is the White House correspondent for Fox News. He graduated from Villanova University with a B.A. in political science before joining Fox as a general assignment reporter. Peter's dad is Steve Doocy, the famous host of FOX & Friends.

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Having been with the network for almost 15 years, his bio is vast, covering President Biden's election campaign, as well as interviews with Robert O'Neill, the man who claims to have killed Usama bin Laden, and even covering the Boston Marathon bombing. Peter is known for his pressing questions during White House press briefings.

About a month before the publication of this piece, fans took to Twitter wondering where he was...

Source: Twitter

Twitter user @cj4america posted a picture of Peter with the tweet, "Where's Peter Doocy??? Did Fox give him the boot?" Another user tweeted, "What happened to Peter Doocy with Fox News? Seems as though he's been gone for some time and nobody seems to say where he is."

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What happened to Peter Doocy on Fox News?

Source: Instagram

Not to worry folks, because the answer is a happy one! Multiple people commented on the tweets that Peter is actually on Paternity leave as he had a baby with his wife Hillary Vaughn, who also works at Fox News. On February 9, Peter took to Instagram to announce his new baby. He captioned the picture saying, "Meet Bridget Blake Doocy! Asked [Joe Biden] for tips about being a new dad, at the WH holiday reception. His advice: “Hold her tight.” Will do!"

Peter also talked to People right before Father's Day about being a parent. He told them that, "Don’t know how any parent raised a child without Google, and the ability to quickly look up any possible question about a baby. Or, without Instagram, for that matter... For the last 14 years, I’ve constantly leaned on my dad for advice about the right way to approach my job. Now, I’m always leaning on him and my mom about raising a kid...I had no idea how stress-free the work part is, by comparison!”

While there has been no announcement by the network, the timing would make sense. Congratulations Peter and Hillary!!! Treasure these times with your beautiful daughter!

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