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Source: iStock Photo

Couple Claims Fertility Clinic Mistakenly Implanted Someone Else's Embryos


Impregnating the wrong woman in a fertility clinic is literally the inciting plot point of Jane the Virgin. But it's also what happened to one New York couple in real life. A recent lawsuit claims that a New York couple gave birth to other people's children after a fertility clinic implanted the wrong embryos.

Can you even imagine? When did they realize what happened? I have so many questions. According to CBS News, the couple had been expecting female twins. But instead, they gave birth to two male babies who they then had to give up to their biological parents. I am aghast. 

That woman spent nine months pregnant with someone else's babies and then had to go through the entire birthing process, only to be required to give up those babies. It's insane.

Source: iStock Photo