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Source: YouTube

Jaclyn Hill Returns to YouTube After Hiatus From Her Failed Lipstick Launch


Beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill has been on a social media hiatus since her failed lipstick launch. On May 30, she launched a nude lipstick collection. However, after the release, customers were noticing that there were issues with the products. People claimed they were finding hair and bubbles in their lipsticks. This created a lot of drama between the YouTuber and her fans. She then apologized, took a break, and now she’s back explaining why she’s been on a hiatus. 

Jaclyn’s video, with over 2.5 million views so far, explains her recent departure from social media. The 20-minute video began by Jaclyn Hill saying “I feel very uncomfortable right now. I’m terrified... I’m terrified of just everything.” She then delves deeper as to why she took the necessary precautions she took. Here’s everything you need to know.