Brace Yourselves: A Mobile Version of 'Kingdom Hearts' Is Finally Coming Out

A mobile version of 'Kingdom Hearts' is about to completely revolutionize your commute to work — here's what we know about the new game thus far.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jan. 23 2020, Updated 5:28 p.m. ET

While catching up on podcasts, texting your parents, and reading a book are all perfectly adequate ways to pass the time during your daily commute, a new mobile game is about to completely revolutionize that daily trek to the office: Kingdom Hearts is unleashing a brand new mobile game, and I'm seriously psyched.

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Japanese video game developer, Square Enix, created a special Twitter account to promote the game and announce this undeniably exciting news on Wednesday, Jan. 22. And if you're eagerly anticipating the release of the new game like I am, here is absolutely everything you need to know about the Kingdom Hearts mobile game before it comes out. 

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Here's what we know about the game so far:

The working title for Kingdom Hearts' latest creation, according to Kotaku, is Project Xehanort. There is not yet much information regarding the object of the game yet, but on Twitter, the brand described it as "an all-new KINGDOM HEARTS experience." So obviously, it has to be incredible.

Those who are familiar with the popular series know that Xehanort is a major character within the vast world of Kingdom Hearts. According to Kingdom Hearts Wiki, he is the central antagonist of the Dark Seeker Saga as well as a Keyblade Master, who used to teach Ventus. He believes that darkness and light must co-exist, and is on an ongoing quest to defeat Kingdom Hearts, to ultimately recreate the world.

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"Why did he become the seeker of darkness?"

Square Enix's webpage for the video game boasts the mysterious tagline: "Why did he become the seeker of Darkness?" So obviously, this leaves us wondering what this could possibly mean in terms of the characters gamers will encounter, as well as the overall object of the game. 

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There are a few guesses one could make that might explain the meaning of this foreboding tagline, but Games Radar presumes that the game will most likely explain "Xehanort's fall to darkness" as well as his transformation into a villain, within the Kingdom Hearts series. Spooky.

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'Kingdom Hearts' wants fans to guess the OFFICIAL name of the game.

While Project Xehanort is the "working title" for the game, it isn't what the game is officially called. Square Enix's Twitter account for Project Xehanort tweeted a promotion for fans to "Guess the Name" of the upcoming Project Xehanort title, and while we aren't sure what the prize is, it definitely sounds enticing.

To enter, fans are required to follow the Project Xehanort Twitter account, tweet what they believe could be the official title, and include the hashtag #KHNameContest, according to the rules and regulations. There will be a total of 10 winners selected, and although a prize wasn't specified, I'm down to try and win anyway.

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When can we expect to play the new 'Kingdom Hearts' mobile game?

As of right now, there isn't an official release date for the new Kingdom Hearts game, but according to Square Enix's official website, fans will be able to play the new game as of Spring 2020. By then, it will be available to gamers through Google Play, the App Store, and even on Amazon. 

While we don't know a ton about the new game yet, it seems as though we'll find out more in just a few months when it drops in the spring. IDK about you, but I'm definitely looking forward to kicking some virtual ass.

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