Is Lance Bass on Season 2 of 'The Circle'? Technically, No (EXCLUSIVE)

Season 2 of 'The Circle' has started airing on Netflix, and former NSYNC member Lance Bass makes an appearance. Is he on this season?

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 15 2021, Updated 4:05 p.m. ET

'The Circle'
Source: Netflix

The first four episodes of the second season of Netflix's The Circle are now available on the streaming platform, and this year the contestants are getting a surprise appearance from a former boy band member.

In a trailer for Season 2, the contestants are thrown for a loop when former NSYNC member Lance Bass appears on their screens, supposedly joining the group for the season. 

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But is Lance really on Season 2 of The Circle? The former boybander spilled the tea about someone using his identity on the show with Distractify.

Is Lance Bass on Season 2 of 'The Circle'?

On The Circle, players compete for $100,000 by befriending (and making enemies) with the other contestants through DMs and group events, all while only ever meeting each other through their carefully curated social media profiles. 

Some contestants go into the show trying to be their most authentic selves while others use the opportunity to hide behind a social media profile as a chance to be someone new entirely in order to win the favor of everyone else.

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lisa the circle
Source: Netflix

Lisa Delcampo

Unfortunately, Lance does not actually make an appearance this season — so it looks like the contestants have a catfish on their hands! But who is behind Lance's profile? It's actually his longtime assistant, Lisa Delcampo.

Lisa joins the show this season and decides to try her hand at posing as Lance, but from the trailer alone, it's clear not everyone falls for it. Former Too Hot to Handle contestant and current Circle contestant Chloe Veitch doesn't recognize who Lance is — but can Lisa get away with it for the whole season?

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"It's so fun to see me in there just because I wouldn't be able to do it really in my own life so I get to live vicariously through Lisa," Lance said of his assistant's time on the show. "I can't wait to see how she does and if she knows me like she thinks she knows me."

He knows that catfishing as him isn't easy to do, as plenty of people have tried to do it before online (which he says he finds "flattering"), but he seems to have faith in Lisa to do it right.

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"It doesn't bother me if people try to make it seem like they're me. I mean, God bless you," he said.

But would Lance ever join the show? Despite being a big fan, it doesn't look like you'll see him on any of the upcoming seasons. 

While NSYNC disbanded in 2001, Lance has been busy with his multiple business ventures, and he says that right now they keep him very busy.

"It's just the time constraint. I mean something like [The Circle], you're away for a month, and I can't get away for two days without all of my businesses going crazy, so I need to physically be there," he joked.

For now, Lisa will have to do both of them justice this season.

Season 2 of The Circle has started streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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