What to Know About Lizard Squad and Those Wild Claims

Trump attorney L. Lin Wood made a series of tweets claiming members of the hacking group Lizard Squad have proof of mass government corruption.

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Jan. 4 2021, Published 8:59 p.m. ET

lizard squad members
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The new year is off to a strange start. Attorney L. Lin Wood went on a Twitter tirade on Jan. 4 claiming to have evidence of blackmail, pedophilia, and other heinous crimes committed by members of the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawyer has been working closely with the Trump administration to file lawsuits trying to claim that President-elect Joe Biden's win is illegitimate.

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The series of tweets, which have been released throughout the day, imply that he has evidence of such crimes, provided to him by the members of the Lizard Squad, and that Isaac Kappy knew of all of these claims before his death.

lin wood isaac kappy
Source: Twitter
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L. Lin Wood claims the late actor Isaac Kappy knew of this evidence.

The claims made by Wood on his Twitter account align closely with the conspiracies popularized by QAnon, which claim that most of the country's elite participate in secret pedophilic activity and blackmail, as well as send subliminal messages to people through art, music, and other mediums.

These conspiracies have long since been debunked but often find resurgence through many far-right groups.

In his thread of tweets, Wood claims the late actor Isaac Kappy also knew of these "tapes," and that his suicide in 2019 was not as it seemed.

Kappy, who made appearances in movies like Thor and Beerfest, was visibly struggling throughout his career. The day before his suicide, he made a lengthy post on Instagram, claiming, "I have recently been made to believe that I am the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot, the great betrayer."

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Wood's claims go as far as to say Kappy's death was not an accident, and he even looped Jeffrey Epstein in as a member of this supposed elite group.

There is absolutely no evidence to back up any of Wood's claims, and many have spoken out against his threads of tweets. Wood claims he will release the evidence he has (which supposedly is en route to President Trump as we speak), though we're not holding our breath.

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Who is the Lizard Squad?

In his tweets, Lin referenced a particular "Lizard Squad," claiming it was a group who had done the hacking to retrieve these supposed files. The truth is, the Lizard Squad is actually a known hacking group famous for many DDoS attacks.

DDoS attacks, or distributed denial-of-service attacks, is when a system is targeted and flooded beyond its capabilities, forcing it to be inaccessible to users. This is most commonly seen on video game servers.

Lizard Squad, composed of hackers including Vinnie Omari, Julius Kivimäki, Zachary Buchta, and Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy, was best known for taking down the servers for League of Legends, Destiny, the PlayStation and Xbox servers, and even all of North Korea's internet service.

The group was most active between 2014 and 2015, though it supposedly disbanded after that. Despite the implied connection, Lizard Squad does not have any known connection with the claims made by Wood.

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