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Source: Netflix

Netflix's New Horror Series 'Locke & Key' Is Based off This Frightening Comic


Locke & Key looks to continue Netflix's successful foray into horror serials. Based on the popular graphic novel that's written by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, the streaming giant has been in the habit of "rescuing" shows that have had difficulty finding life on network television. 

And the new terrifying program is another example of the "Netflix gift of life."

Locke & Key almost made it to air in the past.

Originally developed and planned for Fox, the show had all of the makings for a smash success. Steven Spielberg was one of the names attached to it as an executive producer, and it had a solid cast, which included Nick Stahl and Miranda Otto (the "I'm no man!" badass from Lord of the Rings). A pilot episode was shot and completed, and it was even screened at Comic Con.