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12 Signs That People Are Losing Their Minds During Quarantine



Most of us have never before been asked to shelter in place for this long before. It stands to reason that quarantine is messing with our heads a little. People are starting to "lose it" in different, hilarious ways. This list is full of the most hilarious ways people have proven that they are going more than a little stir crazy. 

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Get it? As Michael points out, his partner gets points for adding throw pillows. Not for nothing, but that couch looks pretty comfy. Truly a feat in the pantheon of food art. 

I cannot handle this video. I've watched it approximately 235235346520 times now. The face on that poor delivery man as he contemplates where to drop the package so he can run away as soon as possible is simply perfect.

This is scarily funny, and of course, now I have "A Horse With No Name" stuck in my head. I think we need a special Academy Awards ceremony for all the content being created while people slowly lose it in quarantine. This should win several awards.

"Smash that like button!" "Stamp that light fixture!" "Slash that lion tamer!" I don't know why, but watching this guy slowly descend into madness while trying to gain fans online is like a balm in this crazy time. We're all just trying our best.

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Do you know the level of concentration it must have taken to achieve this elaborate cityscape on an Etch-a-Sketch?! I don't think I've ever played with one of those things for more than five seconds without getting frustrated and throwing it across the room.

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Remember when they did surgery on a grape? Well, this is a c-section on a clementine. Get over it. Those clementine babies are adorable. The only problem is that now I don't want to eat them because they're too cute.

This guy has been doing insane impressions on Instagram, and they're brilliant, if a little unhinged. Summer 2020 is going to feel so bad when none of us are outside hanging out with her and doing fun summer activities.

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I'm not going to sugarcoat this; This person is playing poker with the plants in their house. I mean, sure, yes, technically they are alive. But they are not alive enough to know the rules to Texas Hold'em. This really seems like a cry for help.

I cannot get over this. This woman had been in quarantine for just two weeks when she decided to hack her hair off with a bread knife. I have no words. I am concerned for her and I feel like I need to know what she's up to now that we'e been quarantined for like, 60 days.

Sir, those pigeons aren't real. Sir, you're getting bread crumbs all over the TV stand. Um, sir, please. Do you really miss feeding pigeons that much?

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This guy captioned his photo, "Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home." Obviously, that's not limited to waking up at the same time, showering, and getting dressed in the morning. Obviously that also means standing in the shower and holding onto the rod like you're on the subway for the duration of what would have been your commute. Totally normal. Not odd at all.

This person used a sock puppet to "eat" passing cars on day six of quarantine. I have to imagine that by now, the sock puppet has evolved into a full-on Muppet-level felt puppet that they talk to like it's another person. 

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