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Source: iStock Photo

This Dude Won the Lottery and Has to Split His $38 Million With His Ex-Wife


This story is perhaps the most dramatic emotional roller coaster I have ever read. The ups and downs made me dizzy, and I wasn't even experiencing the actual story. I was just reading about it on CNN

Imagine — just imagine — that you win the $80 million Mega Millions jackpot. Holy heck! That's incredible! What luck! You're rich! Then, imagine that after taxes and fees, your prize is reduced to $38,873,628. This is like the part of the roller coaster where you peek over the top but there's a little flat plateau before the drop.

You know what? It's less than half the money, but you knew that would happen. $38 million is still a huge amount. You will be set for life. All because you bought a few lottery tickets. That's insane! That's amazing! You're still on the top of the world. Life is good.

Source: iStock Photo