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20 Stories of People Being Extremely Decent to Each Other



@SheRatesDogs might be an account that shames and mocks bad exes, but this time, Michaela, the person behind the account, asked people to share "nice interactions" that they've had. The thread that she started has turned into one of the most lovely, positive things I've read this year. These stories will make you feel warm and fuzzy and happy inside, and these days, that's quite a feat.

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Well this is the cutest thing I've ever heard in my life. I am such a sucker for people writing love notes. Love notes, no matter how small and casual, are the best.

Imagine seeing this kind of tangible support from your loved ones every single time you open your door. That would do me in. So wonderful to see that kind of love.

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We love a friend who's not just supportive of but celebrates their friend and lifts them up for exactly who they are. I mean, obviously, that's how all best friends should act, but not everyone's that lucky.

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This is so joyous but also so sad. It just simply sucks that we can't see our loved ones, hug them, and spend time with them. This move from their dad is making me tear up, and I'm not even related to either of these people!

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I love this. It's so hard for people whose birthdays are landing during quarantine. You can't go out and celebrate with your friends! Luckily, this husband designed a whole at-home spa day for his no doubt very deserving wife.

One day in the future, I want to by lying in the grass with my husband of forty years while our child stealthily takes pictures of us and posts them on the internet for likes. That's the dream, am I right?

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OK, but therapists probably never get this question, and if I were this person, I would probably have to stop myself from bursting into tears. Therapists spend all day steeped in other people's problems, but they are people too! And they are also struggling the same way everyone else is. 

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Gas stations are hubs for creepy people and behavior, and people hardly ever consider how gas station workers put themselves at risk every day to work where they do. This guy did. He stayed to make sure the gas station worker was OK. That's a good deed.

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You know when you witness something and you look around you because it's so cinematic and so much like a scene from a movie that you are convinced it can't be real life and that you're living in some sort of Truman Show world? This is that. 

This baby is so happy and so proud of himself for walking, and he should be! In fact, I think we should all feel this impressed with ourselves when we so anything these days...walk, eat, shower, sleep. If you do anything right now, you deserve a medal.

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Succulents truly are mood boosters for reasons I cannot begin to explain. This boy might deserve to be called by a title other than "boy" because of this. Maybe "boyfriend" or "husband" or "his actual name."

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Anyone who appreciates women just for being women gets it. We deserve the world. The least everyone should be doing for the women in their lives is buying them flowers on a day designed to celebrate them. The very least.

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I love a dad that knits! Especially when he picked it up to share in his kid's new hobby and loved it so much he continued it on his own. That's just adorable.

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Anyone who drives 30 minutes in the rain to bring you a dozen cookies from your favorite cookie shop is a keeper. I'm so glad she locked him down. That's some serious husband material right there.

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Of course this is sad and scary, but the fact that a random woman sat by her and comforted her like that is so wonderful. We all understand that horrible feeling. Even though this woman didn't know her, she knew what she was going through, and she provided a smidge of comfort. That goes farther than you'd think. 

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Brothers! They can be the worst, but occasionally they're all right. And this brother helped his sister out when she needed it the most. 

Listen, some brothers help out their sisters by picking her up from school when she's had a bad day, and some help their sisters out by FaceTiming them so they can say hello to little cows named James. Support comes in all kinds, and it's all beautiful. Especially James.

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I've heard many horror stories about people fighting over packs of toilet paper and people clearing out shelves to hoard goods, but this story, in which a very nice man helped out a short person in need of oat milk, is very reassuring. Even during a time where people are extremely vulnerable and testy, some are still helping each other out.

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If you play Animal Crossing, you understand how wonderful this is. Just this morning, my husband called me over the TV and showed me the sauna he made for my house...in Animal Crossing. It was the nicest thing. 

How cute is this. He could have told her himself how special she is and how proud of her he is, but he took it to another level by asking the restaurant to acknowledge it as well. Now, my heart is totally warmed, and not just because it's 90 degrees outside.

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