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Man's Wife Brings Him Way Too Much Coffee and Gets Offended When He Won't Drink It



This is... a strange one, folks. A man took to Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" recently because his wife brings him too much coffee every day. Yes, really. But the way he describes it makes it seem almost pathological.

He writes that he is currently working from home but that his wife recently lost her job. She's been bringing him cups of coffee while he works, which he says was very nice... at the beginning. At first, it was only once every few hours, about two or three cups of coffee per day, which was reasonable.

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Recently, she's set a cup of coffee down for him before he even gets to his desk, which is thoughtful. But the problem is that as soon as he's finished with that first one, his wife will come in with another. 

"Every 15-20 minutes, she will come into the room and bring me more coffee," he writes. "I like coffee enough in the mornings, but I do not need to chug gallons of it throughout the day. The mugs that she brings me are not small either."

"Just don't drink the coffee!" you might say. But OP writes that if he lets it get cold, his wife will get upset with him and even refuse to speak to him for hours or a whole day until he asks for more coffee. At this point, he deliberately doesn't drink it so he can "get a few hours of peace."

"Just tell her you don't want any more coffee!" you might say. But he has. They talk about it almost every day. Every time she comes in, he'll say he's had enough coffee and he doesn't want anymore. It doesn't work. She'll put the coffee down next to him and keep coming back to give him more.

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He's asked for other drinks, and sometimes, she'll bring him those instead, but as soon as he's done with his water or soda, she'll bring him more coffee. It's getting to the point where he's experiencing nausea and other physical symptoms from drinking too much coffee. 

"Just ask her why she insists on bringing you so much coffee!" you might say. And that was also the top advice of people in the comments. He's skirted around the issue and drank so much coffee that his heart is beating super fast. Why can't he just ask his wife what's going on?

"It sounds like your wife is looking for a way to be useful after losing her job. I can imagine that must be really hard on her," one person wrote. That makes sense. Her husband is still working. She's not. She's probably bored out of her mind and looking for something productive to do.  

But I also have a feeling there's more to this story. In a subsequent comment, OP says that he's tried asking his wife if there are any classes or hobbies she wants to take up, but she's "not interested" and she doesn't want to look for a job either. It sounds like this might not be just about coffee.

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One commenter wrote, "This reminds me of another post from a while ago about a first responder's wife that had OCD and would completely unlace his work boots causing him to take longer to respond to a call. Maybe she has OCD and has developed a new tick that is more obvious to you?"

Though it's not right to diagnose mental illnesses via the internet, I think it's safe to say that something is going on here that's separate from a woman wanting her husband to drink huge amounts of coffee. Whether she's struggling to find something to do or this an OCD tic or she's just hoping that her husband will see her and talk to her, this definitely warrants a bigger discussion. It's not just about the coffee dude! Talk to your wife!

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