Twitch Account "Morbius247" Streamed 'Morbius' for 12 Hours Straight Before Being Banned

Following the flop of Jared Leto's 'Morbius,' the film has become a meme online and has been shared in its entirety. Twitch account "Morbius247" streamed it for 12 hours.

Sara Belcher - Author

May 26 2022, Published 10:12 p.m. ET

Jared Leto's new vampire villain movie Morbius performed exactly as many expected it to — which is to say it was a major flop. The film currently has a 17 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has few critics rewarding it any praise, though it seems to have developed somewhat of a cult following online. Although it may not be for the reasons you would suspect the Marvel film would garner attention.

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While the movie may not have received great reviews, it has become somewhat of a joke online to pretend it was a masterpiece. The meme has gone so far that people have found ways to share the entire film online — even going as far as to stream it on platforms like Twitch. The Twitch account "Morbius247" managed to stream the film for 12 hours before getting banned. The account was taken down after the film reached conclusion about half a dozen times.

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Why did Morbius247 get banned? A few Twitch accounts have been banned for streaming 'Morbius.'

Twitch user Morbius247 managed to stream the film for 12 hours, bringing in as many as 2,000 viewers at one time before the account was banned. This wasn't a surprise to anyone who watched the stream. Twitch's terms of service make it clear that an account can be banned for copyright violations — and streaming a film in its entirety on a loop is definitely a copyright violation.

Thousands of people tuned into the stream to watch the movie, even leading some to believe it may have been a marketing ploy by Sony as it continued to play.

"By the way, Twitch admins were def watching the movie too before they deleted the channel cause it didn't get deleted until the movie actually ended," one Twitter user said of the stream.

But even though this one account was banned for streaming the film, more have cropped up in its place online.

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Since then, there have been a few Twitch streamers who have attempted to stream the film on the platform, resulting in more accounts facing bans and penalties. According to Polygon, one account claimed to be streaming the "Extended Trailer," only to share the entire movie.

While doing this is both a copyright infringement and a clear violation of Twitch's guidelines, it hasn't stopped people from tuning in to stream the movie when they can.

'Morbius' has also been shared in its entirety online in other formats.

Twitch isn't the only platform that Morbius fans are using to share the film. According to Polygon, it has been streamed in Discord chats, compressed into a GIF on Tumblr, and even shared in two-minute increments on Twitter.

It seems that despite the bad reviews and modest box office debut, the film has continued to live on and receive even more viewers thanks to its meme-ability — and if the internet has anything to do about it, it will likely continue to live on for some time.

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