Woman Surprised Wife With Adorable Movie Date Complete With Very Expensive Concessions Stand

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Apr. 24 2020, Updated 3:59 p.m. ET

Couples are getting very creative with quarantine dates, and Allie Shapiro and her wife Allison Reese are no exception! Allison recently shared on Twitter that Allie "took" her on a date to the movies. 

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You know "the movies"? Big screen, comfy chairs, sticky floors, overpriced snacks... I know, it's been a while, but I'm sure if you think really hard, you'll remember what "the movies" are. Anyway, because they couldn't go to an actual theater, Allie brought the theater to their home. And it's adorable. 

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Allie provided a whole board of show times for movies that are available to watch at home. Titles included Downhill; Birds of Prey; The Gentlemen; Honey Boy; Endings, Beginnings; The Lion King; and The Big Lebowski. What a diverse lineup! I wonder what movie Allison chose!

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Because it seems she was afforded only one (1) ticket, I hope that she used it wisely. Although, because this is not a real movie theater, I'm sure they could have watched multiple movies if they wanted to. 

It would be even better if they had movies playing in multiple rooms so they could "sneak" into another "theater" after their first movie was over.

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This is all just so cute. It even looks like Allie had to fashion this ticket out of a folder, probably due to a lack of art supplies during the quarantine. This is just about the most adorable quarantine date idea I've seen, and pretty much all of the internet agrees. 

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Allison's tweet has more than 17,000 retweets and 178,000 likes, not to mention thousands of reactions. "This is so unbelievably adorable," one person wrote. I know. But the real kicker to this whole thing is Allie's concession stand, complete with wildly expensive prices for the simplest snacks. 

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In case you can't quite make it out, Pringles are $50, Oreos and Nutella are $75, Hershey's Dark Chocolate is $25, and popcorn is $50. Sounds about right. Then we get to drinks: One Stella Artois beer is $100, an old fashioned is $150, a shot (I'm assuming) of Wild Turkey is $125, lemon water is $50, and filtered water I think is $25, a fair price if you ask me.

Wow, a theater that serves booze and fancy lemon water? Um, can I come? Like, when it's allowed again? 

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Allison shared that Allie pulled a very swift, suave date move and offered to pay for every... fake... concession with Monopoly money, which might be the funniest part of this whole thing. She set this whole thing up so she could look goooood, and it worked.

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Allie's got moves, doesn't she? She totally nailed it. 

Allie's brilliant movie date not only warmed people's hearts, but it also provided some inspiration for others! 

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Allison has been encouraging people to recreate their date and share their own pictures, but it might be hard to capture the exact feeling that Allie did, especially because she's a professional artist and illustrator

Allie's adorable and innovative date idea is a good reminder that we can still get creative and do fun things even during this time when we are all cooped up at home. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper or cardboard, and a desire to price-gouge all the snacks in your home, you know, for love.

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