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Source: NBC

Netflix Is Releasing a 'Eurovision' Movie Starring Will Ferrell and It Sounds Insane


If you've ever watched the Eurovision singing competition, then you're privy to the strange, over-the-top, ridiculously elaborate, and beautifully cheesy world of magic that only Europe can provide. 

The premise of the song contest is this: Countries from all over Europe elect their own musical act to represent them in a host country, where a battle of vocals and original songwriting takes place.

And Netflix has decided to make a film about this weird phenomenon.

I keep calling it weird because there's no other way to describe it. Some of the most meme-able and absolutely cringe-inducing moments have come as a result of this show. 

Ever see epic sax guy? Yes, he was part of Moldova's act in one Eurovision contest. What makes his performance even funnier is the fact that he wasn't playing the saxophone live. So he managed to coordinate those hip thrusts and slick moves to a back-track. It's almost more impressive that way.