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Netflix Users No Longer Have to Be Subjected to Autoplaying Previews — It's a 2020 Miracle



Along with popping balloons, and nails scratching across a chalkboard, one of the most irritating sounds on the planet is — without a doubt — the blaring sound of a Netflix movie or TV show preview autoplaying, as you're peacefully browsing the streaming site for something new to watch. Autoplay is truly one of the most offensive aspects of Netflix, and until recently, there was no way to avoid it.

But Netflix-and-chill sessions no longer have to be rudely interrupted by autoplaying previews, as Netflix is now offering subscribers the option to turn off autoplay. This is truly a 2020 miracle, if you ask me.

Autoplay has been a major bone of contention for Netflix users, since the feature was put into effect.

Netflix users across the globe have been complaining about the preview autoplay feature for several years and some believe it makes casually browsing the streaming service's homepage a miserable experience. But on Thursday, Feb. 6, Netflix took to Twitter to make a ground-breaking announcement: the site's subscribers would no longer have to be subjected to autoplay.

The popular streaming service addressed the negative feedback, hinting at the on-going preview autoplay debate. The tweet reads: "Some people find this feature helpful. Others not so much. We've heard the feedback loud and clear — members can now control whether or not they see autoplay previews on Netflix." Check out the full announcement, below:

Here's how to switch autoplay on and off.

Netflix's glorious Twitter announcement was properly equipped with an informative link to their website, which instructs users to turn the preview autoplay feature off and on. And luckily for technologically-inept movie streamers like myself, the instructions are super straight-forward and easy to understand. 

First, the user will be required to sign into Netflix, and navigate to the Menu, located in the upper right hand corner. From there, the user will click Manage Profiles, and select their profile of choice. After selecting the desired profile, they will check or uncheck the option which reads: "Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices." Here, users can also turn off the setting that makes the next episode play automatically, if desired.

But before you get too excited, take note! At the bottom of the instructions, Netflix advises users that there may be some sort of delay before the effect starts working. That means even if you turned off autoplay, it might still play previews automatically, unless you switch to another profile and switch back, to essentially refresh your profile with the new setting.  

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Twitter is totally thrilled.

While Netflix's preview autoplay might have somehow been enjoyable or useful for a small number of users, it seems like most of Twitter is over-the-moon about this brand new feature. Check out what Netflix subscribers had to say about it, below.

With the newfound freedom to control Netflix's preview autoplay features, subscribers no longer have to subject themselves to loud, unwanted movie and TV trailers. Netflix-and-chill hangouts will be far more chill than ever before with these handy-dandy new features, so bring on the binge sessions.

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