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13 Former Ghost Skeptics Share the Paranormal Experiences That Made Them Believers


I'm what you might call a ghost agnostic. For the most part, I don't really believe in the paranormal, but then again, I have had a few experiences that have made me waver in that belief. But I fully acknowledge that I could one day have an encounter that changes everything I think I know — like these 13 people.

They went from skeptics to full-on believers after having some truly eerie first-hand experiences with the unexplained. Here are the seemingly paranormal events that have made people certain ghosts are real.

Source: iStock

While she doesn't quite believe with 100 percent certainty in ghosts, MrsMellowCake had an experience at 5 years old that would definitely have shaped my beliefs about the paranormal. She recalls waking up in the night to see her grandmother "standing at the end of my bed, wearing a teal blue skirt and a matching blouse," and putting her finger to her lips as if telling her to keep quiet, and then, when the young girl rubbed her eyes, grandma was gone. 

The next morning, she found her mother crying and learned grandma had died of a sudden brain hemorrhage, 60 miles away, on her way back home from an evening playing bingo. She had on the same outfit MrsMellowCake saw, and collapsed around the same time she saw her standing at the foot of the bed.