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Source: Deluxe

'Small Business Revolution' Wants to Give Small Businesses in These Five Towns a Path to Success in Season 5 (EXCLUSIVE)


America's Main Streets thrive from small businesses, but, in a lot of ways, those small businesses have been left behind. Which is why Deluxe Corporation set out to find a way to help rebuild some of the America's Main Streets that fell behind. Deluxe's Small Business Revolution does more than just give one town and its small businesses a $500,000 makeover. It sets out to bring a community together and to shine a light on the small town store owners who help their community every day.

Now in its fifth season, show hosts Amanda Brinkman, Deluxe’s Chief Brand Officer, and renovation icon Ty Pennington are looking towards the future of the series and how it's managed to create a sense of pride and synergy in the communities they've helped in the past.