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Source: ABC

'The Bachelor' Is on Two Nights This Week, So Get Ready for Double the Drama and Roses


What’s better than watching Peter Weber sweat over the drama surrounding him and his contestants on The Bachelor? Two nights in one week of watching all of it unfold as he seems no closer to choosing the woman to propose to at the end of it all. Peter’s season has been particularly grueling as he has dealt with plenty of she said/she said, unable to figure out who to trust and who to send packing without a rose to her name.

But when The Bachelor airs an extra episode on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020, viewers will get even more time to watch Peter furrow his brow in confusion as he tries to figure out who really is here for the right reasons. It’s not clear if Peter will finally hold some rose ceremonies, of which this season has been lacking, but maybe once the dust settles on the latest ordeal between the women, he can be a little closer in choosing his future wife.