The 'Turning My Mom Into Me' TikTok Trend Is the Treat We All Needed

The 'turning my mom into me' TikTok trend is something to smile about today, whether you're a mom or the kid.

Melissa Willets - Author

Dec. 20 2022, Published 3:34 p.m. ET

We all eventually turn into our parents. But in this case, the moms are turning into their teenagers. It’s a TikTok trend straight out of Freaky Friday, and we love how much fun parents and their kids are having in these trending TikTok videos.

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What mom hasn’t secretly wondered how she’d look rocking her daughter’s crop top? And maybe some moms have even dreamed of experimenting with the latest makeup and hair trends — without their kids making fun of them. At least now it’s for a good reason: to take part in a TikTok trend!

The 'turning my mom into me' TikTok trend is turning out some seriously surprising transformations.

This trend starts with women who look like, well, such moms. We’re talking mom jeans (not the cool kind), typical blouses, and not-so-trendy hairstyles. The moms walk into a room in the house showing off their “before” looks to the song “I Wish” by Skee-Lo.

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Then, we meet the “after” moms, who are hilariously decked out, looking like their teenagers. They’re sporting trendy makeup and hairstyles, and they're dressed like their daughters. Look at those outfits! Who’s that mom? She’s 25 years younger!

We love how the moms seriously embrace their “me” makeovers. The TikToks show moms who are having a ball dressed up like their daughters. And by the way, these moms look amazing! One mom shows off sculpted abs underneath her boring momiform that may make more than a few jaws drop.

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So, what did we learn from the 'turning my mom into me' TikTok trend?

Commenters summarized the benefits of this trend with truly on-point observations. Some expressed how the clips prove youth and style are just an attitude. Overall, commenters couldn’t believe how cute the moms looked, and one was even inspired to declare that when they grow up, they are still dressing like their generation does now, because the moms demonstrated it's worth it.

Interestingly, one observer noted that the moms looked more confident once they were wearing their daughter’s garb. We’re guessing that’s because moms often put themselves last, and are far more likely to buy new, cute clothes for their kids than themselves. Also, moms are pressed for time and can’t linger in the mirror endlessly to perfect an outfit or a bright, red lip.

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The 'turning my mom into me' TikTok trend gave moms an excuse to focus on their looks, instead of work or family matters. So we say, hooray for these moms!

Oh, and one more thing: Did the daughters contemplate that the moms might start sneaking into their closets to steal their clothes from now on?

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