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Source: Twitter

Using Public USB Charging Stations Could let Hackers Access Your Bank Account


USB charging stations at airports and other public places are a godsend. Especially during the festive season, when people are traveling home and want to keep their cellphones and other gadgets topped up. But the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office is now warning people against using these stations. 

Deputy District Attorney Luke Sisak warns that hackers can load these stations full of malware, that could also infect your phone when you try to charge. 

"It loads itself into the phone and can either monitor the phone in real-time, sometimes download information from the phone, sometimes clone the phone completely and you don't even have to be using it," Sisak explained to ABC7

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office are calling the practice "juice jacking" and warned in a video posted to Twitter that the malware could lock your phone, or send private information, such as passwords, to the hackers.