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Source: iStock Photo

This Guy Bought His Vegan Brother a Chicken Sandwich for Christmas


By now, you're probably well aware of the Chicken Sandwich Heard 'Round the World. The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich had a viral moment, sparked a fast-food chicken sandwich war, and now, it has caused an intrafamily war among this family at Christmas. This post from Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" is titled "AITA for giving my brother a chicken sandwich for Christmas?" and yet, you probably can't predict where it's going. 

The poster explains that every year at Christmas, their family exchanges gifts. He and his brother "always give each other thoughtful but funny gifts." And earlier this year, his brother became vegan at the request of his wife, who wanted them to try a new diet. He doesn't like being vegan, but he did it to appease his partner.

Source: Twitter