Epic Games Reveals 'Fortnite' Season 3 Teasers and Everyone Has the Same Question

'Fortnite' revealed its new teaser trailers for Season 3 of its game and while fans were excited, everyone was left wondering what does 02030203 mean?

Devan McGuinness - Author

Apr. 19 2021, Updated 3:53 p.m. ET

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Source: Twitter / FortniteGame

Fortnite fans had a lot to celebrate in mid-June as Epic Games, the company responsible for the game, hosted its Fortnite Device event and released the teaser trailers for the third season of the uber-popular game. The reveals were trending and after watching the teaser trailers, everyone had the same question: what does 02030203 mean? 

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'Fortnite' Season 3 teasers were released, but they didn't clarify what "02030203" means.

The new season of the epic, map changing game is set to release June 17 and ahead of the release date, new teaser trailers were released to help get people excited. And hyped up it got people. The teasers were revealed on Twitter through the Epic Game's Twitter account and they got everyone talking. 

These teasers were exactly that – little teases that pretty much left fans with more questions than answers. The first teaser was an image that was shared with the caption "6.17.2020" the date the new season is set to drop. 

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The photo looked to be a mock of looking through a telescope at an unknown yellow object which was centered in the eye of the telescope. When viewers clicked on the photo to see a closer version, the numbers "02030203" were written in white on the yellow object twice. 

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No other explanation or details were given. And it started a huge discussion with fans of Fortnite guessing what the image was, what it all meant, and how this is going to play out in the game. 

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There had been rumors for a while that Fortnite was about to pair up with DC Comics and several people took a guess that the yellow object in the teaser photo was the trident for Aquaman, the DC Comic character. 

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Some fans of Fortnite claimed to receive an email, confirming that the yellow object in the teaser photo was a trident resembling Aquaman's.  

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What does "02030203" mean?

The small details did not go unnoticed by fans. The writing of "02030203" started several discussions on both Twitter and Reddit with fans trying to play detective to figure out what those numbers mean, what the teaser photo was about, and how this was all going to play in the Season 3 that was coming soon.     

Over on Reddit, the FortNiteBR community quickly started a thread to dissect the image and to try and figure out what 02030203 means, and one theory emerged above the others. 

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"We got a teaser with the numbers 02030203 does anyone know anything about it," a Reddit thread read, and the theories came in.

"Chapter 2 season 3," one person wrote. 

Another person had a different theory, about meteorites. "Could be the cluster of galaxies and that could have something to do with season 3... sense this is a alternate universe it could re make the whole OG season 3s space theme [sic]." 

Fortnite Season 3 is available to purchase on June 17 and players can grab the new Battle Pass, and the new Agent Jonesy skin, too. 

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