When Will Coronavirus Finally Be Over?
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The 10 Best Memes Sharing What People Will Do When Coronavirus Is Over



Nobody knows when the coronavirus will stop wreaking havoc, but it's on all of our minds nonetheless. With school and business closures, product shortages at the stores and more, we hear plenty of anxiety-inducing news around the virus.

But what about people's plans to live — and celebrate — once it's under control? The sky's the limit! Or, it will be. And that's the reason behind the trending #WhenCoronavirusIsOver hashtag on Twitter, and we've rounded up the best of what's to come in a post-COVID-19 world.

1. Introverts will be conducting business as usual when the coronavirus is finally over.

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Some people out there plan on doing... well... more of the same. Introverts everywhere are taking solace in quarantine life, and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

2. Others plan on making us their guinea pigs.

Okay, we see you, Marvel! Her approach is to let others test the waters (and air, and... you know... everything else) before she re-enters the world. 

3. Some will be heading for the hills.

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O'Mazi-Gene, we hope for your sake that your quarantine buddy / future ex-girlfriend didn't see this. But also, we fully understand, and imagine that a lot of couples are on the rocks after all. this. togetherness.

4. Some people are suiting up.

That "take no chances" mentality runs deep for plenty of people out there, and for them, masks and rubber gloves aren't exactly what they have in mind. 

5. All of our inner-partiers will celebrate.

Same, Clayton. Same. A happy dance will most definitely be in order when coronavirus is long gone, and we'd be hard-pressed to find anyone out there who disagrees.

6. Don't forget about the desperate.

Plenty of us feel like caged animals and no matter where you are, the cabin fever is real. Clambering to get out the damn door will be a thing that happens, even when we have no particular place to go.

7. Weirdos will (continue to) be wilin.'

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We can't fathom the situation that brought this man here, with what seems to be a (live?) chicken hanging out of his pocket. But when people are paying closer attention, he might be in a bit of trouble.

8. She's going to Disney World!

Just as if she'd won the MVP title of a damn SuperBowl, this lady is going to Disney World, and we can't say we blame her. She's even got her go-to snacks in mind. You go, girl. 

9. Some are expecting a baby boom.

With all of this at-home downtime, and for those who aren't ready to say sayonara to their partners after all this togetherness, some people are predicting a surge of babies born roughly nine months from now. I mean, it makes sense.

10. The hopeful will take heart.

Source: Twitter

If we've learned anything through this pandemic, it's that for better or worse, we're all in it together. The momentum we've gained to treat one another and the planet better? So many out there want that to continue. How awesome is that?

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