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25 Wholesome Pics From the Quarantine That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity



It's not an exaggeration to say that the world is in crisis. We're facing a dangerous global pandemic, and it's easy to get depressed about the state of things. But if you're lucky enough to be safe and healthy right now, that's no small thing. 

And there are people out there working so hard to make sure we stay that way, from healthcare workers to grocery store employees to delivery drivers. There are also stories coming out left and right of humans stepping up to help each other through this dark time. These pictures will remind you that humanity is not lost, there are still reasons to smile, and that we have each other. 

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This 12-year-old girl was having trouble with her math homework, so she emailed her teacher for help. He knew that face-to-face learning was best, so he drove to her house and set up a white board outside to teach her. That really is an example of a teacher going the extra mile to help their student in a time of need. 

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The caption to this photo reads, "In Italy, he discovered that his neighbor [was] in the hospital so he continued to feed his dog until his neighbor returned... A picture with a thousand meanings. Take care of your neighbors." It's terrible to think that some pets are left at home unsupervised, unaware of what's going on, when their owners are in the hospital. It makes me feel better to know that people will step up for animals too. 

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This man stood outside the emergency room of a hospital in Morristown, NJ with a sign thanking the doctors and nurses for saving his wife's life. The hand on the chest really got me.

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Annie Blanks, a reporter, posted this photo on Twitter with the caption, "Crying at Winn Dixie. The woman in jeans stepped up and paid for the groceries of the young man in front of her whose card was declined. He was on the phone frantically trying to figure out how to get $$ to pay. 'We all have times like this,' she said. People can be amazing." I'm just over here crying.

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I love this so much. This grandpa died his hair purple just for fun during the quarantine, and then he came to his grandkids' house to show them what he'd done through the window. If you have a hair experiment you want to try out, now's the time to do it! Especially if it will bring joy to other people's faces. 

Source: Reddit

This woman's neighbor didn't have WiFi, so she shared her network with her, walked her through how to set it up on her phone, and that way, she was easily able to communicate with her kids, who live far away. If that's not heartwarming, I don't know what is.

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In other amazing news, a stable in London is taking tiny horses for walks through neighborhoods and greeting people through their windows. I have never wanted to be a part of anything more. 

Source: Reddit

Jenny is presumably young and healthy and willing to go shopping for her older neighbors who aren't able to get out. It's not all that common these days to know your neighbors very well, but it doesn't matter anymore. We're all there for each other.

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One of the best ways to support local businesses that are suffering right now is to buy gift cards that you can use when this is all over. That way, they get the cash and you can still redeem the card for services later. This person bought three gift cards worth $100 each!

Source: Reddit

We hear a lot about younger people helping older people during the coronavirus pandemic, but in this instance, it's the other way around! This young guy mentioned to his elderly neighbor that he lost his job due to the current climate, and his elderly neighbor left this care package on his doorstep. 

Source: Reddit

In this neighborhood, everyone is putting hand-drawn rainbows in the windows to signify, "It will be all right." I couldn't imagine going for a walk, seeing all of these window rainbows, and not completely breaking down in tears.

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Because everyone in this city is on lockdown, no one is out and able to feed the stray dogs. Someone went around and left makeshift bowls of food and water tied to signs and telephone poles to make sure all the dogs were taken care of. 

Source: Reddit

This incredible woman is writing 75 personalized cards to all of the senior citizens who can no longer come to the senior center where she works. She doesn't want any of them getting lonely, and many of them don't use the internet. Each one of the 75 cards is personalized. How nice is that?

Source: Twitter

Robin Stevenson and her family were self-isolating because they had recently traveled. So a refugee family they sponsored in 2016 dropped off several bags of food and supplies. She was near tears, and now, so am I!

Source: Reddit

This poor 8-year-old boy broke his arm during his quarantine. Since none of his classmates could be there to sign his cast, they all sent over digital signatures! Even the kids are taking care of each other. It's truly a wonderful thing.

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Warning: If you read this note, you will cry. It was left on the window of a hospital room by a patient who was treated for COVID-19 at the Cleveland Clinic. He was too sick to be able to do so in the moment, but he wanted to thank all of the people who cared for him while he was in the ICU. 

Source: Reddit

This is just good for a big laugh. This is also the best ad for Microsoft Teams that I've seen. Most people I know are using Zoom or Google Hangouts for video chats, but I may have to switch to Teams just for the scary potato filter.

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This is a picture of Richard Briley and his mom. In a viral Facebook post, he writes, "She has survived Hitler, open-heart surgery, two replacement knees, and two replacement hips. Few weeks ago, she fell and fractured her hip, two ribs, and her spine. Last week, she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and spent a week in intensive care. She is 86... 

"Today, she has been given the all clear... There is hope, people." 

Source: Reddit

Toilet paper is a hot commodity these days. People all over the world are hoarding it in great quantities. So it's an extra good deed to give away a few rolls to your neighbors in need these days, if you can spare them, that is. This person could and did without any expectations.

Source: Reddit

This 85-year-old retired doctor didn't hesitate to offer his services when he was needed. According to Reddit, he is a "legend" in Italy, helped with the first heart transplant, and was there in a heartbeat to help out when the pandemic hit his country hard.

Source: Reddit

This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've been trying to convince my husband to let me cut his hair while we're in lockdown, but he hasn't budged yet. Give us another 60 years, and this will be us. 

Source: Reddit

Farzad wants to help any neighbors who are in need. It can be daunting to ask for help, especially when it involves putting someone else at risk, so the fact that Farzad came right out and offered means a lot to his neighbors, I'm sure. 

Source: Facebook

In this viral Facebook post, Jason Barrett explains how it was only eight days ago that his distillery made bourbon. Within that time, they shut down production, learned how to make hand sanitizer, started bottling it, and then delivered their first shipment to hospitals, doctors' offices, paramedics, and postal workers around the Rochester area. That is a good deed.

Source: Reddit

The woman at this person's local pizza place wrote a note on this person's order to thank them for continuing to patronize their restaurant during this time. We have ordered food now and then since this thing happened, and restaurants are always so grateful for our business. 

Source: Reddit

This man stood outside a hospital with this sign. It doesn't get much more straightforward than this. In this hard time, we are grateful for everyone who is still working, everyone who is trying to keep us healthy and fed and make our lives somewhat normal during such an abnormal time.

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