Fall Guys
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'Fall Guys' Is Officially Coming to the Xbox and Nintendo Switch in 2021


Feb. 18 2021, Published 1:39 p.m. ET

Move over Fortnite, there's a new (and funnier) battle royale game coming through. While there have been many takes on the battle royale gameplay, with Apex Legends and Warzone each offering something different, Fall Guys gives the gameplay an adorable makeover.

With colorful, blob-like characters to run around as and obstacle courses that are just as hard to navigate as any first-person shooter map, Fall Guys was released for the PlayStation 4 and PC to immense success.

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It's popularity, while a good thing, also means that some players are feeling left out if they don't have a supported console to join in on the fun. Will Fall Guys come out for the Xbox or the Nintendo Switch any time soon? And does the game support cross-platform gameplay yet?

fall guys
Source: Twitter
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Will 'Fall Guys' be released on Xbox consoles or Nintendo Switch?

Fall Guys' initial release was only for the PlayStation 4 and Steam, leaving out the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players. Following the game's release, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital said they would like to bring the game to new platforms, though it would be some time before new platforms were added. 

"To start with, Fall Guys will only be available on PS4 and Steam," the developers wrote. "We'd love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line."

During the Feb. 17 Nintendo Direct, the company revealed the title would finally make its debut on the Nintendo Switch.

Fall Guys is expected to be available in the Nintendo eShop sometime in summer 2021, expanding the title's gameplay options even further.

Not long after the announcement that Fall Guys would be coming to the Switch, the title's developers finally announced their plans to bring the game to Xbox.

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In a tweet on the official Fall Guys Twitter account, Mediatonic revealed Fall Guys would also be introduced to Xbox consoles in summer 2021. The game will be compatible with both the Xbox Series X/S current-gen consoles and the last-gen Xbox One.

Sony mandated that all games released for the PlayStation 4 must also be compatible with the next-gen console if they're released after July 13, 2020, and Fall Guys received its compatibility update following the launch of the PlayStation 5.

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Does 'Fall Guys' support cross-platform gameplay?

While other battle royale games, like Warzone, support cross-platform gameplay, this is not the case for Fall Guys at this time. That being said, this is again something the developers have said they would like to make happen if fans request it. 

"At launch, we won't have cross-play. It's something we really want to do in the future, let us know on Discord if its [sic] something you are super excited about so we can prioritize what we work on next!" the developers wrote.

With the addition of a Nintendo Switch version, players are hopeful cross-platform play will be available in the near future, though again, there currently aren't any concrete plans for Fall Guys to support cross-platform gameplay.

The game's developers often post updates to their Twitter and Discord accounts, so it's best to check there for further information.

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