A Karen Strikes Again! Woman Bothers a Man Selling Flowers in a Park

In a viral video, a woman bothers man selling flowers in a public park and a couple gives her an earful in the process. Details here.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 27 2023, Published 2:18 p.m. ET

It would truly be amazing to see how far we can go as a society if people choose to mind their own business.

Unfortunately, there has been an influx of white women who have failed to understand the concept of minding their own business. In the world of social media, these women are labeled as Karens.

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Over the years, these Karens have disrupted social order by harassing folks for living their lives and frequently causing a scene when it’s not needed. Case in point: A Karen wreaking havoc at a beach in Parksville, British Columbia.

In a now-viral TikTok video, a couple shows a woman bothering a man who is selling flowers. And of course, they had some choice words for her. Here’s the full scoop.

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A TikTok video shows a woman bothering a man selling flowers in a public park and a couple telling her off.

You can always expect a Karen to do what they do best. In a May 28, 2023, TikTok video, creator @jenniferlynne1977 shared a video of herself and her husband stumbling upon a woman who is bothering a man selling flowers in a park.

“Ran into this 'Karen' in Parksville, BC. I truly encourage all of you to go and support this man and his beautiful hobby. You can find him at one of the park benches by the beach in Parksville. Give this man some TikTok love,” the caption reads.

As the video starts, you see the feet of a man sitting on a bench and then the camera pans to a white woman standing a few inches away.

“Alright, you want to keep going Karen?,” the creator asked.

“Hi, where are you guys from?” the woman asked.

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The creator immediately told her that it doesn’t matter where she and her husband are from. Instead of taking the hint, the Karen proceeds to ask more questions about where they’re from. And after insisting on getting an answer, the creator responds.

“We’re from planet Earth,” the creator said.

“She’s an actress right?” the husband asked. “She must be.”

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The woman continued to engage the pair in conversation in a passive aggressive way.

“Well talking about Karen’s, you seem to be one yourself,” the woman said.

“Really? Because I bought something from this fine gentleman, I’m a Karen?” the creator asked.

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The woman then told the pair to take one of his business cards. The couple said that they already have one and will encourage their friends to buy flowers from the salesman.

“And I will put a rave review on TikTok for this gentleman so people can come and buy his stuff,” the creator said.

The woman then starts going off about the man not having a real, substantial business. The creator quickly clapped back at the Karen and said that it’s none of her business.

“Do you have nothing better to do with your life?” the creator asked the Karen.

“It’s a public bench. Do you not care? He’s running a business and he’s not paying for it,” the Karen said.

The pair quickly said that they don’t care. After they questioned the Karen about why she cares so much, she shared that she did her due diligence on the man’s business.

“I phoned his business and he’s not retired. The food trucks pay to be here, he doesn’t,” the Karen said.

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The couple continued to ask why it was any of her concern. The pair then said that she needs a life.

The Karen questioned the pair about why they’d like to argue about it and the creator fired back by saying, “You’re the one that started it Karen, so finish it.”

The Karen laughed and said that the pair aren't from Parksville at all and the husband said that it doesn’t matter.

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“So the food trucks pay to be here. They pay taxes on Parksville,” the Karen said. “This person does not pay taxes in Parksville, does not pay to sell on the bench. That’s not fair to the food trucks, to the artisans that pay, it’s not fair.”

The creator who was clearly annoyed turned her attention to the older gentlemen who is selling flowers made out of metal.

“Alright TikTok world, this gentleman is selling lovely flowers on this bench in Parksville,” the creator said while showing the unique designs. “I suggest you come buy his stuff.”

The husband added: “And you really have to check these things out. Look how beautiful they are. This is so beautiful, look at that. Ladies and gentlemen in Parksville, here we are."

Interestingly, the Karen can be heard off-camera trying to talk over the couple who are advertising the man’s flower business.

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“This is where you need to come down to the beach and see these very unique flowers,” the husband shared before asking the guy permission to film him. “And this is the guy that you want to talk to.”

The businessman said “Hello” to the camera, before thanking the pair for featuring his business online.

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In a follow-up video, the creator gave background on the incident and TikTok users praised her for standing up for the salesman.

On May 30, 2023, Jennifer took to TikTok to provide folks with some background on what happened.

In the video, she explained that she and her husband were vacationing on Vancouver Island and they decided to go to the beach in Parksville. Jennifer said that her husband noticed the man selling the beautiful metal flowers and she decided to buy some from him.

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The Karen came into the picture once Jennifer had her money handy to make the purchase and accused her of supporting “illegal activity.”

“I didn’t care what she had to say, I was basically trying to defend this man who was doing no harm to anyone,”Jennifer said. “ And I really wanted to make this video viral only because he deserves it.”

She continued: “If you guys get the chance to go to Parksville, on the beautiful Vancouver Island, please do. And try and get his info out there.”

Jennifer replied to folks who commented on the video with the gentleman’s information.

“Maybe contact him directly. The Flower Guy’s name is Serge Harrison. His number is 1-514-386-7507,” Jennifer shared.

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Folks also took a moment to praise Jennifer for not only spotlighting the man’s business but for putting the Karen in her place.

“Not many would stand up for anyone like you did! Hope he sells all the beautiful flowers,” one person commented.

“Thank you for standing up for him! He seemed so upset by her actions. I wonder how often she does this. You're amazing for spreading love,” another person chimed in.

Hopefully, the Karen recognizes her ridiculous behavior and decides to do better in the future. Leave people alone.

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