Woman Calls the Cops on White Dude Protesting Alone for Black Lives Matter

Shane Meyers protested for Black Lives Matter alone in Wellington, Florida. A white woman called the cops on him.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jun. 5 2020, Updated 1:21 p.m. ET

In these last couple of weeks alone, we've seen multiple white people calling the cops on Black people for simply existing, an act of violence that could very well have caused physical harm to those people since the police  disproportionately use extreme violence against Black people.

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George Floyd's death at the hands of police officers sparked worldwide anti-police brutality and Black Lives Matter protests. One of those protests consisted of one man, a white dude named Shane Meyers, who wanted to show up and did so alone, in the affluent white community of Wellington, Florida. Even one white man holding a sign supporting Black lives resulted in a white woman calling the cops because she believed she was in danger.

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Indie rapper AngieOnMars saw Shane protesting, holding a sign saying, "Black Lives F--king Matter," and posted this TikTok video, in which she rolled down her window driving past, honked her horn in support, and said, "All it takes is one. Thank you, God bless."

As you can see, Shane is standing there peacefully, holding up the sign for passing cars. While AngieOnMars praised Shane for his one-man protest, it didn't take long for a white woman to call the cops on him for allegedly "inciting riots," according to Insider

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Shane posted video of the encounter on TikTok. The clip starts with the lovely interaction with AngieOnMars and quickly shifts to his confrontation with the woman and the cops who responded to her call. On the video, he writes, "And Karen chased me down and called 2 cops on me for 'inciting riots' because she was threatened by the premise that BLACK LIVES F--KING MATTER."

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In the video, the woman tries to explain herself by saying to the cops, "I said to him, I said, 'Excuse me, but could you please not put that sign out because it's gonna crank up the wrong people.' I don't wanna be driving and have bullets shot at me because they're upset you started it." 

That last part of her comment about being shot with bullets because the police are upset seems...to me...like an admission that the police have a habit of extrajudicially shooting people when they're upset. Hmmmm. 

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But the encounter continues with the police telling the woman that Shane "unfortunately" is allowed to stand there with a sign that says whatever he wants. 

When the woman jumps in to say she feels like Shane's single sign puts her at risk, he very calmly mentions that "Black and brown lives are at risk every day in this country." This prompts an "Everybody's lives are at risk," which Shane quickly addresses by sarcastically thanking them for "both-sidesing" the issue.

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The woman goes on to say that they need to appreciate what the police do. As one Twitter user astutely points out, "How is her wasting their time by reporting one dude with a sign appreciating what they do?"

This woman called the cops on a white man holding a sign that said, "Black Lives Matter." Imagine who else she'd call the cops on for even less?

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