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Source: facebook

Woman Shows "Disgusting" Part of Fridge That You're Probably Not Cleaning


A woman's nasty photo of a refrigerator drip tray has Facebook users running to the bathroom (to puke) and then heading over to their fridges to clean up whatever ungodly ecosystem has been building up in there for years.

Life can be a dirty mess sometimes and keeping your home spic-and-span around the clock is a tall order for anyone. Heck, even if you have a cleaning service come to your place once in a while, it's still difficult.

We live in a point in time where a slew of consumer products have made living a whole lot easier. The ability to have a refrigerator, that we can store and preserve food in, is huge. It's a common household item and one that we definitely take for granted. As amazing as these appliances are, they're still susceptible to getting hella dirty, because food is covered in living organisms.

Fruits, vegetables, meat, butter, yogurts, even the weird chemically-saturated garbage byproducts that we eat are packed with organic matter that degrades over time. This degradation, if not properly cleaned, can result in some gross, stanky, and putrid messes. Messes that are not only unpleasant to smell but that could ultimately prove harmful to those who come into contact with them.

Which is why so many people are grossed out by this photo posted to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group.