Food Service Workers Share the Most Nonsensical Demands They've Ever Gotten From Customers

So many people want to order cheeseburgers without cheese and cappuccinos without foam. So many people.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jul. 17 2020, Updated 1:44 p.m. ET

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One poor Twitter user who delivers for Grubhub shared one of the most infuriating exchanges they've ever had. Their customer insisted that they wanted a cheeseburger without cheese. When they suggested just getting the hamburger because it was cheaper, the customer flipped out. The text exchange went completely viral and inspired others to share the truly nonsensical requests they've gotten from customers while working in foodservice. Prepare for your brain to hurt after reading these.

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How dare this person suggest that they order a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger when they don't want cheese on their burger?! Their tone is astounding. They couldn't even handle the suggestion that they go with the cheaper option. Yikes. 

A screwdriver is just orange juice and vodka! If you take away the vodka, it's just orange juice! How does this not compute?! This truly makes me worried for humanity. 

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I am beside myself. This woman bought a latte the night before and then complained that it wasn't still hot the next morning. Has she ever eaten or drank anything that's been heated up in her entire life? How do you not know that...things get cold? Not to mention, if she expected it to still be hot in the morning, she probably didn't refrigerate it, meaning she sipped room temperature milk that had been sitting out all night. Everything about this story is nightmarish.

Could you imagine walking into a Subway and confidently walking up and saying, "Yes, hello, one sandwich please!" It's patently ridiculous. Not to mention, Subway's menu is usually plastered all over the entire store.

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Two halves equal one whole! It's basic, elementary school math. I don't understand this reluctance to buy two containers instead of one big container that holds the exact same amount. 

This was a very common story on the thread, and it sucks so much because the only way to appease these people is to make them the drink that they want, which is a regular espresso. So they never learn their lesson and they're all still out there, making baristas everywhere completely miserable!

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This is insane. Not every restaurant serves everything. You can't go to McDonald's and demand tacos. They'll tell you to go somewhere else! This is truly bonkers. 

Sometimes you just want to say, "Repeat your question back to me very slowly, and then you'll understand," but that's bad customer service, so you have to smile and say, "Eight!" like you can't see their brains leaking out of their ears right in front of you. We all have brain farts sometimes, but man, this is something else.

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This is so confusing. Dorito Loco Tacos I think come in Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch, like all Doritos. She ordered a Dorito Loco Taco and then was mad that she got a Dorito Loco Taco. The cognitive dissonance is real. 

How delicately did this person have to say, "Well, the pizzas themselves are different sizes. It doesn't really matter how many slices it's cut into if it's actually larger, like, in size"? Because I don't think I would have been able to hold it together without making them acutely aware of how ridiculous their question was.

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