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Source: crooksandliars

Bill Maher Has a Big Problem with Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue About His Son

By Koh Mochizuki

While Maher praised Kimmel for his speech, HBO's "Real Time" host didn't rest on his laurels when it came to the politics.

On Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!,  the host opened up about his infant son's congenital heart disease and  denounced Trump's proposed cut to the National Institute of Health. But Maher said that Kimmel is wrong about one thing. 

Source: crooksandliars

"If your baby’s going to die and it doesn’t have to, it shouldn’t matter how much money you make," Maher said during a Real Time segment. "I think that’s something whether you’re a Republican or Democrat we all agree on.”However, the audience's  positive response was cut short. "Unfortunately that’s not true," said  Maher, making it clear that he didn't subscribe to Kimmel's point of  view. "One side wants to tax rich people so that babies don’t have to  die and one side is mostly against that. Let’s not f*ck around with  this. We are not on the same page with this."