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Another White House Official May Be On His Way Out--Already

By Justin Luke

Donald Trump throughout his career is notorious from moving on from people quickly. Like the speed of light quick in some scenarios. He will praise people one day, then by the next week completely say he never respected or believed in them. Many have theorized he rules by a "what have you done for me lately" mentality where he moves on from people who can no longer provide him with any benefit. And his administration in the White House seems to be no different with many high profiles cabinet members leaving after just very short stays. It's been penned as the White House carousel cause you just don't know who may be the next one out.

Trump is not pleased with how his new National Security Advisor has been acting, according to internal sources.

After the resignation of former NSA Michael Flynn amid the Russian probe scandal, Trump replaced him with H.R. McMaster, an army general. Many considered it a more timid appointment from what was expected from him.

And while Trump praised McMaster to the press, according to sources in the White House, things weren't quite so peachy. Go figure!

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, various White House officials confirmed the story:

That certainly doesn't sound like one big happy family. It could be yet another casualty to the ever changing face of the administration.

The story spread on Twitter: