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Conservatives Criticized Jimmy Kimmel, And He Just Fired Back--Hard

By Justin Luke

After one of the most genuinely moving monologues in late-night history last week, Jimmy Kimmel used Monday night's monologue to speak about the backlash he's gotten since the piece went viral.

How a plea for quality healthcare for kids could cause such a backlash is certainly disturbing as his points were fairly solid about how it's not fair to the kids.

Apparently, many conservatives found it to be a manufactured moment meant to promote universal healthcare; one publication even went so far as to label Kimmel an "elitist creep."

Source: The Daily Buzz

So, Kimmel used his monologue on Monday to address those critics, most notably Newt Gingrich, who not only criticized Kimmel's take on healthcare, but also late-night comedy at large, saying that "Hollywood is so enraged at Donald Trump that they can't be funny."