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Tiffany's Just Sent A Message To President Trump, And Conservatives Are Outraged

By Justin Luke

It seems like pretty much everyone's a joker when it comes to Trump's Russia problem. Be you a Twitter celebrity, a YouTuber, a late night comedian, or Sue over in accounting, you've no doubt got a joke or two up your sleeve-ski. And the President certainly makes it easy to riff on him with his constant tweeting and claims of fake news. Seriously, the man could probably help his case a lot more if he just shut up about it. But luckily for us that just means more funny jokes, and more people taking shots at him.  

It's been rumored that Donald Trump named one of his daughters Tiffany after the luxury jewelry brand. We don't know if that's true, but if it is that just adds an extra layer of interest to this story.

The company made a bold and direct plea to Trump via their social media accounts.