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The Trumps Just Had An Awkward Photo Op With The Pope, And The Memes Are Glorious


It's no secret that the Pope and Donald Trump don't see eye to eye on almost every major social issue the world is facing right now. The Pope is known for his empathy, something that many have made clear that Donald Trump does not have, and it has already led to a number of awkward exchanges between the two ever since Donald Trump was still on the campaign trail.

The Pope is still seen as a major political figure and while he's visiting those who look up to him for guidance across the world, photo ops with the host country's leader along with any other world leaders on site are a regular thing. The thing is, what kind of photo can a person reasonably expect to take with someone who stands next to another personal that morally repulses them? Strong words, but that seems to be the best way to describe the relationship between Donald Trump and the Pope at this point in time.

President Trump and family met the pope last night, and had a slightly awkward photo op.

As if the photo wasn't awkward enough, the Internet immediately piled on.