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Sean Spicer Just Got Snubbed By The Trump Family In The Holy City


Sean Spicer has been a joke ever since he came out with that hilariously false statement about the number of people who attended Donald Trump's inauguration rally at the start of his presidency. It would've been more funny had it not been a direct order from the new press staff, but ever since then he has been seen as the somewhat ditzy and dismissable White House staff member who occasionally pops out to say a crazy thing or two then moseys on back to wherever it is he came from until the next press briefing or Saturday Night Live skit involving him popped up.

Sean Spicer, for those who don't know, is a devout Catholic man and when President Trump was scheduled to make the trip out to The Vatican, also known as The Holy City, along with his family and a few staffers, Spicer seemed like an obvious choice to be on his travelling entourage.

Sean Spicer was left out of the group that met the Pope on Wednesday.

The President's trip to the Vatican, instead, featured a small entourage, mostly including family members, as well as a few members of his staff.