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Source: TDB

Emmanuel Macron Just Admitted What He Was Doing When He Shook Trump's Hand


There's a lot to be said when it comes to body language, especially when concerning people of power. While old traditions and gestures seem to still be in place, even when it feels inappropriate, you can usually see how a person really feels by reading their body language. Are they trying to pull away in retreat? Are they pushing against the other to try to make them step back? Is that long, awkward embrace really an embrace or a reminder that someone can choke the other out if they ever step out of line in front of the public eye?

Political grandstanding aside, the body language of politicians is something that's dissected from 40 different angles by media outlets everywhere, especially if the two aren't exactly seeing eye to eye on world issues and may have prior words that were carelessly tossed about before their meetings that led to an overly tense atmosphere.

The video, captured by news outlets at the NATO conference on Thursday, quickly went viral.

Macron told French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche that the handshake was "a moment of truth." A very long, intense moment of truth.