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Sean Spicer Just Had His First Press Conference Since Coming Back, And It Didn't Go So Well

By Justin Luke

Sean Spicer has been an interesting character in Trump's team since the day he came out and make the blatantly false inauguration announcement right at the start of Donald Trump's presidency. Since then, he has become a running joke both to those he worked with and to the masses that anticipate his press meetings to see where exactly this administration is going to be taking us in the coming months, making note of every red flag we come across and firing back at each and every wrong or incorrect statement that leaves Sean Spicer's mouth, which have been plenty so far.

For the past two weeks, there were no press conferences as the Trump team was doing their first international tour and Spicer eventually went along for the ride after getting passed over in what seems to be a passive aggressive play by the president and his inner circle.

As you'd expect, things were just as off as they were before he left, only this time it was less about how many people attended an event in question or what different world leaders thought of our new president and more about the ties Trump's team has to Russia.

After two weeks without a press conference, Sean Spicer was back for a briefing on Tuesday.

But not for very long.

The briefing was over after just fifteen minutes, enough time for Spicer to gush about Trump's overseas trip, and to answer (or evade, more accurately) a few questions about climate change, Jared Kushner's role in the Russia probe, and, of course, "fake news."