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Trump Just Tweeted His Own Response To His "Covfefe" Tweet, And No One's Laughing


Social media has forever changed the ways we deal with and interact with public figures. It offers us a less filtered inside look into what goes inside of the mind of some of the most popular and powerful people on this planet. Some argue that it's too much power for these folks to wield, while many others welcome it to keep things in check.

President Trump is probably the greatest example of this so far. He has been active on Twitter for years and remained active throughout his campaign and his presidency on his personal account. A single tweet made by him will have thousands of responses within minutes, and ever since he took office each and every one has resulted in stories being written about what was being said.

Because he's the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump's tweets receive an extra level of scrutiny from the masses, and when something doesn't add up or make sense, the internet does their best to find out exactly what is going on. 

His latest tweet took things to 11, as people struggled to find out what a new mystery word meant, if anything at all.

Trump deflected having to explain #Covfefe by asking us to answer for him.